Instant Mood Brighteners

by Heather on April 7, 2012

Unless you are the one in a billion person who is constantly happy and never stressed a day in your life, you probably have those moments, days, and even weeks where juggling life can just feel overwhelming.  Personally, I know I take things to heart can easily let stress affect my entire mood and outlook.  Honestly though, it’s just another part of life and something we all need to learn to conquer in our own ways. 

Here’s 5 “instant mood brighteners” that I know from experience can always turn my day around and help me unwind:

1.  Going for a walk outside.


I started going for walks years ago as a relaxing exercise.  It’s amazing what getting outside and clearing your head on a long walk can do to sort out your thoughts and put you in a better place to take on whatever comes your way.  Fresh air always does a person good.

2.  Talking to the boyfriend.


Whether it’s a single text or an entire conversation in person, he can always make me smile and put me in the good mood.  I can forget anything else that might be overwhelming me at the moment and just focus on talking with him.  I think we all have those people in our lives who we know can turn our day around in a single moment, and he does that for me.

3.  Getting Starbucks.


Call me crazy, but getting coffee or an Americano from Starbucks will instantly put me in a better mood… every time.  There’s just something about going into the store and enjoying coffee that helps me focus on something I love and helps me forget whatever else is causing any stress. 

4.  Going for a drive with the radio on.


I started doing this as soon as I could drive whenever I felt overwhelmed.  It was my way to get away from any problems and give myself some space to think or even just forget about whatever I was thinking about.  Blasting the radio is just a bonus.

5.  Cleaning.


This is another one this is probably going to make me sound crazy, but cleaning is one of the best distractions for me when I’m anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed.  It gives my mind something else to focus on and isn’t a task that requires too much mental energy.  Whether it’s doing dishes by hand, folding laundry, or vacuuming, my apartment is spotless when I need a distraction from the world.

Life will inevitably hand you some overwhelming times, but what’s important is that you know how to conquer them.

What’s one of your instant mood brighteners?








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