Beginner Techniques in Rowing

by Heather on January 4, 2014

The latest addition to my workout routine has been the rowing machine.

The first time I tried the rowing machine a few weeks ago, I was amazed at what a good workout it was!  It is a great cardio + strength combination and really works every muscle.  Rowing is an incredible low-impact workout and definitely keeps you entertained while you try to beat your own time, watts, speed, distance, etc

I have to admit my hands haven’t been faring well in the process…


But it has been worth the blisters. Winking smile

I’ve been doing about 2000 meters at a mid-level resistance…

500 meters
1-minute rest
500 meters
1-minute rest
500 meters
1-minute rest
500 meters

I’m currently working to shorten my time and increase my watts, and it definitely takes more strength than speed to do so!  

I’m quickly discovering that a crucial part of excelling as a rower is form. 

I’m still working on mine every day, but here are a few tips that have helped me out:

  1. Pull your shoulders back and down to lock them into place BEFORE you pull back on your movement.  This really stabilizes your body and give you more strength in your pull.  The yoga teacher in me thinks of this as how you would set up your back when you’re going into a chaturanga.
  2. Use your legs and feet!  If you only use the strength of your back and arms, you’re going to be extremely sore right away and possibly strain/pull something in your back.  Just trust me on that.  Using your entire body give you a lot more force and strength with what feels like even less effort.
  3. At the end of the pull, lean back just slightly to get the most out of your row and ease any strain in your back.
  4. Keep your wrists straight all the way through.  You have a lot more power when your wrists are straight as opposed to bent. 
  5. This video was extremely helpful to see how you can tweak your own method to get the most out of your rowing! 


Hope this helps you out and I absolutely recommend trying out the rowing machine if you haven’t already!

Do you use the rowing machine?  What are your best tips/tricks to being a successful rower?










Friday Crunch Time

by Heather on December 27, 2013

First of all, thank you to Jenny for designing my updated header, welcome box, and sidebar headings and being totally patient with me.  I wanted to spruce things up and she did an incredible job designing just what I was looking for!!  Love the font and color choices she went with!

Also, thank you (again) to Matt for fixing my blog that I was convinced had kicked the bucket.  If you went to my site the last couple days, it wasn’t pretty.  I don’t know how he magically finds these coding and style sheet errors, but I’ll just leave those genius secrets to him.

Today was crunch time to finish everything for Unit II of my History winter-mester class.  One chapter, two videos, two essays, and one exam later…


I’m mentally beat for the day. 

I have to say that I like getting the class done with over break, but it really does get overwhelming at times.  Condensing a class into 4 weeks, plus doing my personal training studying and trying to catch up on everything I put off during my 21-credit semester makes things pretty hectic.  I’ll live though.  Probably.  Winking smile

I decided to grab lunch at EatZi’s today just to get out of the apartment.

photo 3(21)

They seriously have the best salads in Dallas!

I also wanted to share a few links around the web that I’ve enjoyed the past couple of days…

Are You a Bad Yogi? – This is hilarious and so truthful!

10 Mister Rodgers Quotes to Remember on Bad Days – I used to love Mister Rodgers when I was little.  He definitely had some wise words to share.

Pop Danthology’s Mash-up of 68 Songs from 2013 Will Make You Wanna Dance – Hands down one of the coolest mash-ups I’ve ever heard.


And now it’s time for me to get some shut eye!

What’s your favorite place to grab a salad when you’re short on time?







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